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This EP is very different to my others. I wanted to focus on song writing so decided to just sing and play guitar.

The songs are a reflection on my time at uni with my friends and how i'm staying on for another year and they are leaving.


released May 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Alasdair Baynes London, UK

I try to make music.

A collection of projects, past and present.

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Track Name: Eff
Quietly I open the door,
Not knowing whats in store,
People i've never met before,
What am I doing this for.

Entering I trip up the stair,
Only to find my friends waiting there,
For a time we lived without care,
They told me I looked like a bear.

Some friends they come and they go,
Some friends they take time to grow,
To them all I want to show,
That better times I hardly know.

Better times, hard to find,
Better times, hard to find,
Better times, please rewind,
Better times, please rewind,
Better times, nearly behind,
Better times, are behind.
Track Name: First Days of Summer
The sun is shining,
Clouds blown away,
Theres nothing else,
To do today.

Summer, creeping in, the end of an era, about to begin.
Three years, they have passed, oh how I wish, they could last.

There are people, coming here, we're going to sit, and drink some beer.
Enjoying, the first days of summer when nothing feels like its wrong.
But not for long.

Drink in the afternoon sun,
Waiting for life to come,
Nothing seems quite as fun,
Now that all else is done.

These are the days i'll miss the most,
These are the days i'll miss the most.
Track Name: Bottle of Gin
A friend stopped by the other day,
Don't know why they came all that way,
We talked of all the adventures we'd been,
While we where drinking a bottle of gin.

We talked just like it had been one day,
Remembering things that we used to say,
Looking back at the times we'd had,
Most of them good but some of them sad,
How'd we let it get this way,
I used to see you every day,
They just sat there wearing a grin,
And poured me another glass of gin.

As they where packing there things to go,
We stopped and looked at an old photo,
One of the ones with everyone in,
I wasn't sad like some might have been,

Cause i'll see them again,
With a bottle of gin.